Big Picture of the Bible

“The Big Picture of the Bible” is an approximately 1 hour  SIMPLE PRESENTATION that serves as sort of a “birds eye” view of the Bible story!

he Bible is one of the most popular and yet misunderstood books in the world. It is possible to know a lot about the Bible without really understanding the Bible and how it all fits together.

God could have written the Bible so that only educated scholars could have understood it. Instead it was written so that it can be understood by all seekers who have an open heart.

It’s like going up in a helicopter and viewing the Bible from 30,000 feet above. It is so easy in Bible study to “miss the forest for the trees” so to speak. Many folks have a hard time understanding because they don’t look at things in context and see how it all fits together. This “Big Picture Presentation” gives you a frame work to understand the whole Bible and see clearly how much it matters to your quality of life and your eternal destiny!

Contact us for more information regarding the Big Picture Presentation or click here for the Big Picture of the Bible overview (PDF).

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